Domain Names Matter

Google is changing its algorithms all the time and trying to keep up with these changes is a full time job in itself. However you start to notice patterns appearing if you look hard enough, one of these changes I noticed is the importance of a domain name.

Over the past few months I have seen popular websites decline rapidly whilst others have flourished, I have had the experience of being on the end of both outcomes.

One thing stood out clearly when researching other websites that had also been impacted... “relevant” domain names came out better off.

For example, if you are looking to start up a “training” Business, try to incorporate what you do in your domain name. Registering “” will, in the long run, benefit your search engine traffic much more than “”.

Picking a “relevant” domain name combined with the correct use of SEO and social media will ensure your website stands a better chance of beating your competition in the search results.

For now this seems to be a pattern that has emerged, how long it will last though is anyone‘s guess.