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Why You Should Think Twice About Using A Paid WordPress Theme - 27/09/2021

WordPress is a fantastic content management system, offering the end user flexibility and scope to design and create a website perfect for their business. With endless amounts of themes/designs available for the user to choose from, the choices for design are immense. Plus the finished product, if set up correctly, can look absolutely stunning. Sounds perfect and best of all, it can allow you to make a website that is friendly on the wallet. However, purchasing a theme/design has its downsides......

Where Should You Spend Your Online Marketing Budget? - 11/03/2019

We have lots of client‘s who ask this question..... They approach us for a specific service, or perhaps ask the more generic question “my budget is £xx/£xxx a month, how should we be spending it”?

The thing is, there is a step before this in which some key data needs to be obtained in order to answer these questions. It would be super for us to just sign everyone up on a specific service and away they go, however we pride ourselves on offering a personalised service and this would completely go against the grain of how we work.

New year, new website? Why not just update your current one? - 21/01/2019

Whilst I also jump on the “New Year, New Me” bandwagon (have been to the gym twice this week!), it‘s also important to look at what we already have and what can simply be improved on. The new things are fun but can be costly so pacing ourselves is important. Within that is your website for your business. I bet if you look back at when your site was created, you‘ll have a bit of a shock. All that hard work that went into making sure the design fitted what you wanted, all that content you had to write and pictures to be sourced, it feels like only yesterday but the reality will actually be very different. Time passes on very quickly and in the world of websites, that isn‘t good if they‘re stood still.

Google My Business For Local Companies - 02/12/2015

Google My Business was once called Google Places, but whether you know it as Google My Business, Google Places, Google Maps or something totally different, it is vital that your business appears there if you are locally based company. These days getting onto the front page of Google, unless you are using AdWords or an amazing SEO Company is tough, but you have a chance with GMB as this is based mostly on locational searches, but also on a range of other factors that you have some control and influence over.

Questions You Should Be Asking Your Website Designer - 11/05/2015

Getting a new website or finding a web designer to update your existing one is often a leap of faith for many businesses, as even if you have a recommendation from a value friend or customer, you are still handing over your visions, dreams and the online part of your business to someone else, something that for many, is a big a decision to make.

Choose The Right Web Design Company For Your Business - 03/02/2015

In a world where a company who is not online may as well not exist, the right website is something that is of great importance. The problem is, you come to getting a website and you‘re literally swamped with companies practically knocking down your door for the opportunity to work with you. It is a crowded market which on the one hand is great - more choice for you - but on the other hand, it leaves you in the position of picking the right one.

5 Simple Steps To Reduce Your Bounce Rate - 24/03/2015

If your website currently has a really high bounce rate and you are wondering just what you can do to bring this figure down and of course get more success from your site, we have come up with five simple things that you can do to look at trying to get more results from your online presence.

Taking The Next Step - 28/09/2014

I think for most people there comes a point in Business where you hit a plateau, whether it be the volume of work, your type of clients or your lack of knowledge on how to expand.

Amazing Customers - 14/08/2014

As an ambitious individual myself, I always look to work with like minded Businesses who have similar aspirations. I find nothing more rewarding than chatting to other Business owners who have a passion for what they do.

Stick To What You Know - 27/03/2014

After becoming self employed I decided I wanted to offer the customer the full package with regards to website design, even the parts I knew I wasn‘t wanting to specialise in ie graphic design, content writing and more....

How Can You Help Your Website? - 19/02/2014

So your new website has been built and is up and running, great! What do you do next?

Depending on who built your website depends on what level or service you get once your website has gone live and how much SEO assistance & guidance you are given.

Keep Tracking Your Progress - 03/02/2014

Your website is the “shop window” of your Business online and like your shop, you need to keep track of it’s progress.

In my previous blogs I have advised on how people should be making sure all your social media is linked up, how “content is key” and how important it is to keep your website updated.

Keep Updating - 20/01/2014

A regularly updated website is good, but a regularly updated website with unique, interesting & useful content is great!

SEO has evolved so much in the last few years. With Google cracking down on websites abusing all the webmaster rules, SEO companies are now selling “content is power”, as opposed to “links are power”.

Domain Names Matter - 12/01/2014

Google is changing its algorithms all the time and trying to keep up with these changes is a full time job in itself. However you start to notice patterns appearing if you look hard enough, one of these changes I noticed is the importance of a domain name.

Is your Social Media linked to your website? - 03/01/2014

Social Media is such an important part of a Business’s online marketing strategy, mainly because it is free and the amount of other Business’s and potential clients using it.
In fact, I have come across many Business’s now that use their Facebook & Twitter pages more than their website. The reason for this is simply because its quicker, easier and more effective in terms of reaching your “followers”.