Stick To What You Know

After becoming self employed I decided I wanted to offer the customer the full package with regards to website design, even the parts I knew I wasn‘t wanting to specialise in ie graphic design, content writing and more....

However after attending various local networking events and meeting up with great local Businesses I realised that in the long term it would be more beneficial to work with them rather than trying to compete against them. With so many fantastic Businesses around, why wouldn‘t I want to discuss how I can better my services to a customer by joining forces with them?

I learn‘t very quickly that there were many more Businesses out there who offered a better quality service for the areas I wanted to bring under one umbrella, so I decided to stick with what I know I do best, bespoke hand coded website design.

So after much planning I am hoping offer many more services in the near future by working with other Businesses rather than against them. I now know how important it is to support local Businesses now that I am one of these, so if you can incorporate this theory into your Business then I would thoroughly recommend it.