Taking The Next Step

I think for most people there comes a point in Business where you hit a plateau, whether it be the volume of work, your type of clients or your lack of knowledge on how to expand.

Speaking to many local Businesses, this seems to be a common problem that affects the majority.... the question is, how do you overcome that “invisible hurdle?”

Picking up on the latter point, the lack of knowledge seems to be the most used phrase I hear, with myself falling into that bracket! When you are neck deep in work and swimming against the tide, the last thing you can think about is how to progress because you think “I can‘t cope with what I already have, how can I possily accomodate more?!”

The simple fact is, you can, you just can‘t see how because you are blinded by the murky waters of stress, worry and exhaustion. There is however a simple solution to all of this, which I have recently learned.... talk to someone!

My advice.... you may not need a Business mentor, it may be just a friend, but being able to talk about your Business and it‘s plans for the future will enable you to look from the outside in, something I guarantee many people do not do often enough.

If your issue is more client/volume of work based, step outside your comfort zone. Network / advertise outside your normal area. This was a very daunting prospect for me as this aspect of Business does not come naturally, however networking with another Business you know or combining your advertising efforts instantly relieves 50% of that pressure This may seem obvious but it is something that holds Businesses back, whether they like to admit it or not.

We can all find ourselves a bit lost in our Business from time to time but you can overcome that “invisible hurdle” by coming up for air, combined with some outside help. This will be a vital part of your Businesses development.