Is your Social Media linked to your website?

Social Media is such an important part of a Business’s online marketing strategy, mainly because it is free and the amount of other Business’s and potential clients using it. In fact, I have come across many Business’s now that use their Facebook & Twitter pages more than their website. The reason for this is simply because its quicker, easier and more effective in terms of reaching your “followers”.

However this poses a problem.... new people visiting your website may find it out of date or returning website visitors may see nothing has been updated since their last visit. Why would these people return again?

Therefore if you are someone who posts to Facebook or tweets on Twitter more than updating your website, why not link them together? This may sound obvious but you would be surprised how many people do not have them linked. Google regards social media very highly so not only will this benefit your website from Google‘s perspective, it will also ensure people visiting your website will see a “moving” Twitter feed or your likes on Facebook increasing.

Now you can check for yourself! You may have Facebook and Twitter linked, what about your Pinterest, Google+, You Tube, Vimeo and other accounts?