Keep Updating

A regularly updated website is good, but a regularly updated website with unique, interesting & useful content is great!

SEO has evolved so much in the last few years. With Google cracking down on websites abusing all the webmaster rules, SEO companies are now selling “content is power”, as opposed to “links are power”.

After reading many blogs about how “content is key”, I decided to run an experiment on one of my websites.... I thought about what I could offer visitors other than a blog and came up with the idea of a “How-To” guide. Not only will this be unique but people will be drawn back to the website to check if any new “How-To” tutorials had been added.

This was implemented just over two weeks ago and already I am getting at least 100 more visitors a day to the site, an incredible result in such a short space of time.

So my advice would be..... if you can blog, do it! Make it unique & interesting to other people. If not, think about something you can offer people that will keep them coming back for more, how about keeping an up to date gallery page? Hint & Tips on what you do / offer? A video blog?

If your website has dropped in rankings & traffic, just think about what your website is offering your visitors, could if offer more?