The Questions You Should Be Asking Your Website Designer

Getting a new website or finding a web designer to update your existing one is often a leap of faith for many businesses, as even if you have a recommendation from a value friend or customer, you are still handing over your visions, dreams and the online part of your business to someone else, something that for many, is a big a decision to make.

Like any product or service request, there are always questions that you can ask to make your decision that bit easier, and whilst price is obviously always going to be a big deciding factor, it should not be your only decision maker or breaker, as going for the cheapest quote is not always the best idea.

So, if you are looking for a new website, here are some questions you should be asking potential designers and web design companies.

Who Controls And Updates My Website?

When it comes to who updates your website, in terms of adding content, pages, blogs and editing existing content, you need to work out whether you want to do this, or if you want your web designer to do this. But, if you don’t get this sorted from the outset then you may end up getting trapped into costly updates that you could probably take care of yourself given the chance.

Where Will My Site Be Hosted And What Does This Cost?

Always find out where the website will be hosted and find out more about the security measures and backups that will be in place. And, make sure you get a cost for this hosting as you do not want an invoice in a years’ time that you were simply not expecting.

Will My Website Work On Mobiles?

So important these days is that your website is responsive and works on mobiles, but if you do not ask this question, you might not get the result you want, so always double check that your website is being built to work across multi platforms and is responsive to allow it to do this.

What Is Included In Your Price And How Do I Pay?

If you get a quote then make sure you understand what is included in this price as you do not want hidden extras that might really push this price up to a level you were not expecting. Get a firm idea about how long it will take and the process that goes with it, and then make sure you know when the payment is expected and whether this is going to be in stages or all upfront or on completion.

Do You Have Any Testimonials Or Previous Websites I Can See?

An established, reliable and good web designer will have examples of their work and also testimonials and feedback from their customers, and you need to make sure you take the time to research, check up and inspect their work, as not everyone has the same ideas about design, so you need to find the right designer for you.

What Happens If You Die, Retire Or Move To The Caribbean Due To A Lottery Win?

You might laugh at this, but you need to know what happens to your website if something does happen to your web designer, else you could be left looking to get control of your domain name, emails and website if your web person goes AWOL. Make sure you know what will happen and where everything is, so that you have full control and access should the situation ever arise where you need it.